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The SASÄ fencing club
The fencing club Saimaan Säilät, SASÄ for short, was established in 1955 in Lappeenranta. We have training groups in foil, epée, sabre and wheelchair fencing. Club has fencers of all ages, from youngsters to veterans.

Our fencing salle is situated in Lappeenranta Sport Hall, Pohjolankatu 29, entrance through the door of the public swimming pool (see our map).

How to start fencing
We organize regularly week-end beginner courses for youngsters and adults. Minimum age is about 10 years, and there is no upper age limit. Families are also welcome. After the course you can easily join our club training sessions. During the courses you don’t need your own fencing equipment, our club will take care of it!

Contact information
For more information how to start fencing in our club, please contact Joose Korhonen, email!